Allman Brothers Band w/13 yr old Derek Trucks

He already had his signature sound at 13…

3:20 Derek duels with Dickey on the intro

6:48 – 7:45 Derek solos

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Corb Lund Tells Us “What That Song Means Now”

I discovered Corb Lund through Paste Magazine. This Alberta Canada native is well-known in the Great White North having won numerous awards in the roots music category. You can stream an acoustic version of his new album “Cabin Fever” here.

But what I think is really cool is a section of his website called “What That Song Means Now” where Lund takes one of his songs and discusses it from different points of view – the meaning, inspiration, music, guitar playing etc. – all in an off-the-cuff style on video. What a gift! The opportunity to hear a songwriter discuss their craft is so rare. This is great look inside the brain of great songwriter.

Here’s one for his song “Priceless Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner” but there are five or six more on his website.

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RPM Speaks – 2012: A Glimpse Into the Madness

When I first came across the RPM Challenge (Record Production Month Challenge) I was intrigued but never took it any further. This year I actually signed up for it and managed to write four songs within the first week and a half before the excuses took over. All the same, I have never been a prolific writer so I’m really proud of what I was able to do and have been fine-tuning the songs since then. Hopefully I’ll get them recorded and posted here soon.

Going back through some emails I came across this video link from the folks who run the Challenge. It’s a recap of the 2012 challenge using images, video and audio from participants. I find it immensely inspirational. Now I can’t wait for February 2013.

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My short year with Sal Salvador

As I mentioned in my last post, my last formal guitar teacher was Sal Salvador. Before I studied with him (and I use the term “studied” loosely because I was out of my league) I only knew him from his guitar instruction books. As the head of the guitar department at University of Bridgeport, he did the best he could with me – I showed up with a Gibson Les Paul under one arm (not exactly the expected jazz ax) and folky, lyric-heavy compositions under the other – but in the end he lost me to a liberal arts education. What I do remember of Sal was that he was a patient teacher with a real passion for his music. Some good reading on Sal can be found here at and here at

This is the only live video I could find on youtube – and it is mighty tasty. Man was he smooth.

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Guitar lessons: a new beginning after 30 years

My last formal guitar lesson was in 1981 with jazz guitarist Sal Salvador while I was attending the University of Bridgeport as a music performance major. Realizing quickly that there were musicians possessing far, far greater talents than I, I moved on. Never stopped playing guitar, though, and now 30 years later I’m taking lessons again.

This time I’m working with finger style guitarist Glenn Roth. Currently, I’m working on the tune Darcy’s Guitar by Pete Huttlinger. It’s a beautiful piece and, while I’m making slow, steady headway, I’m a long way from mastering it. So, take a listen to these guys instead.

Here’s Pete doing it.

And here’s Glenn.

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Joseph Arthur on David Letterman – “Travel As Equals”

I know I have mentioned The Lefsetz Letter before but…

I read, or at the very least, scan every post that Bob Lefsetz writes. And believe me, that is no small feat. He is a prolific writer. What I and (as evidence by his “Mailbag” posts) his thousands of other readers like is that he has a real point-of-view about music and the business of music (in other words he doesn’t just parrot what others say or what others want to hear), and no BS writing style (here’s a perfect example). On top of that he also happens to have musical tastes that match my own most of the time.

Which brings me to this post, Travel As Equals. I had never heard of Joseph Arthur but the description in this post had me clicking through to Arthur’s website in the middle of a tight deadline project at work. Read it and you will, too.

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Deadman: “Don’t Do This To Me” Free Download

If you’ve been following along, you already know I posted this about Deadman. And now I bring you a little gift – over on Bandcamp you can get yourself a brandspanking new, 100% free piece of Americana gloriousness – Don’t Do This To Me. Go ahead. You can thank me later.

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Jeffrey Foucault – “Ghost Repeater”

I had never heard of Jeffrey Foucault until Smansmith (the only name I can find) over at,”a blog about the unhurried side of Americana/Alt-Country/Folk/Indie/Down-Tempo music”, mentioned him on Twitter (@Slowcoustic: Still baffled why Jeffrey Foucault isn’t biggest name in music. Check out his Townes Van Zandt…

People need to hear this guy’s music. Wow he’s good.

Lyrics to Ghost Repeater are here. – go to the Media link for a bunch of video and audio.

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Deadman – “Take Up Your Mat and Walk”

Came across this in my Twitter feed this morning thanks to Music Fog (the absolute best resource for americana music). I’m ashamed to say that this is the first I have heard of this band. As mentioned in the write up on Music Fog, the song references John 5:8 – the ending of a Bible story about the healing power of faith.

Connect with Deadman on Facebook

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Yes, Virginia, music can change the world: Springsteen and Jackson Browne in 2004

I was reading this from American Songwriter and near the end it mentioned some of what Bruce Springsteen said during his speech inducting Jackson Browne into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. I’ve seen it before but had forgotten how good it is. So, as an homage to the New Year and the musical possibilities it presents, here are Bruce and Jackson telling it like it is. Happy New Year!

“Where do they hide the statues?” …and JB’s acceptance.

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