My Songs

So I’ve given in and changed my music widget to the less attractive one you see now. Oh well, it was either no music or music in a lame player.

As of last week (November 8, 2010) the widget that I’ve been using to host my songs started to have problems – random code, trouble loading, etc. WordPress is trying to figure it out – hopefully it’ll be back up soon.

The songs hosted in the music widget on the right are my original compositions – music and lyrics – and that is me singing and playing. I’ll be adding more as I get them recorded.

All songs © Bruce Kaechele. All rights reserved.

You can simply listen to the songs through the widget or you can download them: click on a song to listen then click the download button and save to your hard drive.

Please let me know which songs you download and why. I’m always looking for feedback. If you choose to share I just ask that you credit me and reference this blog.

I’ve been writing music for 30+ years but the oldest I’ll subject you to will probably be in the mid ’80s range. I record on a TASCAM DPo2-CF with a CAD M177 Condenser Mic and the M-Audio DMP3 – Dual Microphone/Instrument Preamp. Currently I am playing a Taylor 310ce. As I get more equipment I’ll add it here.

If you have opinions on the songs, please let me know by commenting.

Thanks for listening!


7 Responses to My Songs

  1. femmelhs says:

    hey, i just want to ask.
    i’ve signed up in
    i’ve uploaded my songs.
    i’ve click on embed on your site.
    i copied the code.
    paste it to the text widgets on appearance settings.
    but then it doesn’t show in my blog.
    a little help please.

    • Bruce says:

      I’ve had the same problem and what I figured out is this: in WordPress, if there is an existing widget for a specific service, you can’t create a text widget for it. You can try, but it never shows up. So, choose the file sharing widget from the Available Widgets column and copy the code into that and you should be up and running.

      Hope that works for you. Send me a link to your blog, too – love to check out your music.


  2. Nikki says:

    hello, I downloaded “Crossing the Lake” because it makes me feel closer to that side of the world :-).

    And if possible could I get a copy of “Dirt Made My Lunch” sometime…I love that song!!! But I can’t seem to find the Cassette Tape with it on there :-).

    • Bruce says:

      Hi Nikki! You know, that is my most downloaded song. But I’m sure it has different meaning for you than others.

      You’ll have to refresh my memory about the song you mentioned. That’s not a title of one of mine. Could you be referring to “Today’s Just One Of Those Days”? I think I recorded that for you when you were little.

  3. David Alpert says:

    Bruce, Great job buddy, you’re doin it!!!!
    not that you need to hear it from me but i’m proud of you for making all the effort. 2 of my favorites are Crossing the Lake, & I Saw Angels.
    You know just a thought but you should become a member of the NSAI Nashville Songwriters Association local chapter in CT. The chapter Presidents name is Jeremiah Long from Clinton, CT. I met him last month and he’s a really nice guy. Not many participants on their monthly meetings but it would stretch you songwriting instincts to new levels for sure.
    Well Done Brother.
    Speak soon
    Respects David

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