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Thou shalt not commit (or be victim to) logical fallacies

Don’t be a victim of misleading arguments. Use this invaluable tool to decipher the garbage we hear every day from Washington D.C., talk show radio and other bastions of manipulative language. From the website A logical fallacy is a … Continue reading

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Resources for new music

I’m in the middle of a self imposed blog break – trying to figure out what it is I want to say. Ladder to the Attic has been a hodgepodge from the beginning and with so many voices broadcasting opinions … Continue reading

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Some post election thoughts on politicians, political advertising and we the people

This is not a post about the rotting pile of rat carcasses that is political advertising. I’ll let the media pundits, those same people who make wads of cash off the controversies ignited by those ads, criticize them without acknowledging … Continue reading

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David Gillespie ponders the internet, culture and why “social” media is redundantly repetitive

Found this presentation here, originally published by David Gillespie here. No intro of mine is needed. From the creator: The deck covers a lot of ground, mainly from the point of view of where we are right now in the … Continue reading

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How to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

If you live in the US anywhere outside New York and LA, go to New York or LA! First Paranormal Activity exhorting us to demand the movie for our towns, and now this? Are we going to have to plead … Continue reading

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What is The Ford Difference?

What has haunted American car makers for decades continues in the form of Ford’s latest test drive campaign:  the failure to make a compelling case for their cars. The theme “Drive the Ford Difference” is overused and undifferentiated. “Discover the … Continue reading

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Strategies for enlightened stupid marketers from Kevin Nalty

Found this video through Church of the Customer Blog. Brilliant writing and delivery. Though slightly uncomfortable. The sign of great comedy.

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Does your brand pass the Twitter test?

All indications are that you could be losing control of your brand. It’s quickly becoming the property of the marketplace. Conversations and connections are dictating preferences and driving many, if not all, aspects of the purchase decision. In the classic … Continue reading

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Two micro sites try going social. One succeeds.

SitOrSquat hits the sweet spot. This new micro site from Charmin is a great example of understanding what a brand is and what it can be. Charmin could have taken the easy way out and settled for a cute “viral” … Continue reading

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Molecular Expressions Neckties – Opportunity hidden in plain sight

A friend recently told me about a collection of neckties made from the images of various substances – like vitamins and moonrocks – as seen through a microscope. I was intrigued. The ties, he tells me, are not available at … Continue reading

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