Joseph Arthur on David Letterman – “Travel As Equals”

I know I have mentioned The Lefsetz Letter before but…

I read, or at the very least, scan every post that Bob Lefsetz writes. And believe me, that is no small feat. He is a prolific writer. What I and (as evidence by his “Mailbag” posts) his thousands of other readers like is that he has a real point-of-view about music and the business of music (in other words he doesn’t just parrot what others say or what others want to hear), and no BS writing style (here’s a perfect example). On top of that he also happens to have musical tastes that match my own most of the time.

Which brings me to this post, Travel As Equals. I had never heard of Joseph Arthur but the description in this post had me clicking through to Arthur’s website in the middle of a tight deadline project at work. Read it and you will, too.

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