New music: Singer/songwriter Hannah Fair will leave you anxious to hear what’s next

Hannah Fair is a young singer/songwriter from New England working hard to make a name for herself. Her eponymous first recording project is a promising collection of six songs that reveals a nice sense for the atypical lyrical and melodic hook. The songs are delivered with a confident, relaxed style that often gives them an immediacy that feels like she’s writing the lyrics as she is singing them.

From “Fancy Things”:

I see it in his eyes when he looks into mine
What is better than the look of love?
I feel it on his lips when we kiss
with his hands on my hips we will dance

And with the stars at our feet
I can feel myself sink deeper in love with this man

I don’t need fancy things, don’t need no diamond rings
All I need is right here with me

I enjoy the organic nature of the recording. It hasn’t been scrubbed clean. The rough edges of the performance have been left intact allowing Ms. Fair’s humanness to come shining through. The liner notes will tell you that it was “recorded in 3 days at Dirt Floor Recording Studio, Chester CT…without computers to analog 1 inch tape.”

The following video is a solo performance of a newer song, not on the EP, entitled Lonesome For You. It is my favorite of her compositions to date. The purity of her performance is perfect for this simple lament for the lonely in our midst.

Just longing for a friend
Someone to love to tie up their ends

You can support Hannah buy purchasing her EP at Digstation or connect with her on Reverbnation or Facebook.

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