Resources for new music

I’m in the middle of a self imposed blog break – trying to figure out what it is I want to say. Ladder to the Attic has been a hodgepodge from the beginning and with so many voices broadcasting opinions and ideas it is difficult to imagine a purpose for it beyond a little fun and belly button gazing – and maybe that’s OK. We shall see. Anyhoo…

While I wrestle with that, I thought I would share a couple music-y websites that might be of interest.


Slowcoustic is a great resource for new music that is from “the unhurried side of Americana/Alt-Country/Folk/Indie/Down-Tempo music.” This blog has introduced me to a number of fine artists, in particular Chris Kiehne (free album download). Twitter feed here: @commonfolkmusic

Pledge Music

If you haven’t heard of Pledge Music, I’m surprised. But just in case… Pledge Music lets you, the fan, engage with and support artists as they try to fund their next release.

For you, the artist, Pledge Music allows you to raise the money you don’t have but that you need in order to make and release your music. PM doesn’t want the rights or take away any income. They simply provide a great platform to fund raise and encourage you to allow fans into your inner sanctum in exchange for their hard-earned do-re-mi. Twitter feed: @PledgeMusic


Have you ever wished you could give a concert from your living room and earn some income at the same time? Have you ever wished you could attend a private, one-time-only concert by your fav new artist while wearing nothing but a smile? Then Stageit is built for you.

Hope you find something worthwhile here.


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4 Responses to Resources for new music

  1. johnny says:

    Great write up! So true about Stageit, my friend performed on there the other day and said he loved it and made some solid money too.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Stageit is the best!! i watch shows from there all the time!

  3. Stevie says:

    Really dig Stageit. Seems cool.

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