Markus Rill or Why I Love Twitter: Episode #3

I haven’t done one of these “Why I Love Twitter” posts since back in February but I just have to share this little find. As you can no doubt tell by the widget on the right, I do a bit of songwriting. A while ago, I began following @RavenousRaven, the Twitter voice of the web site, The Twitter Songwriting Community. What a resource! There are daily Song Critiques where members of the community put their songs up for comment. There are regular songwriting tips and articles. And every so often @RavenousRaven will retweet someone’s request for advice or help.

But today there was this tweet:

Great New song by RR Contributor Markus Rill – “My Rocket Ship” with video live from Stockholm #Songwriting –>>

Of course I had to check it out and I’m glad I did. Lyrics and a brief story about the song are here. Without Twitter I wouldn’t be getting daily songwriting inspiration and I would never have found Markus Rill. Hope you enjoy “My Rocket Ship”.

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3 Responses to Markus Rill or Why I Love Twitter: Episode #3

  1. billkeane says:

    Great to stop and take in the Ladder! Always fun and insightful.

  2. Bruce says:

    Hiya Bill,

    Good to hear from you!

    Don’t know if you clicked through, but Markus has a nice blog ( about his music-making adventures.


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