Billy Keane – The Pine Street Sessions

Billy Keane is a new artist with a sound that is both fresh and familiar. You may hear echos of influences – but only echos. Every time you think you have him nailed down he gives you a new sound. Billy Keane is a modern voice with an old world honesty.

Finely crafted lyrics that make you feel at home – like you know him and he knows you. Thoughtful and accomplished guitar accompaniment that never overburdens or tries too hard. Vocals that easily move between pure sweetness and weary soul. Simple production that highlights the material’s personal nature and Billy’s raw talent. The Pine Street Sessions is a collection that shows off his ability to turn  introspection into memorable, singable songs.

mp3 samples:

If My Love Were A Pond
Baby Blue
Bartender Girl

Billy with James and Kim Taylor late last year:

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