Cerebellum Blues: Beauty From Tragedy

I came across Jeff Shattuck and his blog, Cerebellum Blues over a year ago. I was intrigued by his story and reached out to him. We corresponded a few times, shared some music and, as is so often the case with online meetings, that’s where it ended.

Fortunately, I’ve been a dedicated user of Delicious for a number of years – some might even call it obsessive. I’m hard pressed not to book mark just about every site I visit. (You never know when you might want to find it again.)

While searching my music book marks for another project, I came across Cerebellum Blues again. Much has happened in the time I’ve been gone. Most importantly, a number of his songs are posted – which means he’s making progress toward his goal – which if you read his story you’ll understand.

Helpful, personal, inspirational, knowledgeable, confrontational – it’s all here – punctuated by some great tunes.

Oh, and his My Gear and GoodLinks4Musicians pages are worth the price of admission.

Stop on by and say hi to Mr. Shattuck. You’ll be glad you did.

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