Rumgumption or Why I Love Twitter: Episode #1

On Thursday I tweeted about the Irish music band, Grada, and posted a link to a video of them playing a live show in 2007. Within the hour a musician by the name of Shawn McBurnie had followed me. I always visit the website that followers list in their bio before following them back – it’s an easy way to determine their actual motive for following. The link listed for Mr. McBurnie took me to the website for his band, Rumgumption, a traditional Irish/Scots music group. After listening to one of their streaming songs I followed him without hesitation and sent him a direct message complimenting the song. He immediately messaged me back with a link to the Bandcamp page for the group’s new album, Crossing the Roaring Main, that is due out on December 12 – which is now on my music short list.

A win for me and win for the band.

That’s why I love Twitter.

A little more about the band in their own words: “We play traditional Irish and Scots music with origins ranging from ancient to sometime last week, and have amazed and enthralled literally dozens of people at a time.”

Rumgumption is Adam Modares (djembe, Uillean pipes), Jason Novak (cittern, flute), Chad McAnally (hammered dulcimer, Gaelic harp, assorted whistlage), and Shawn McBurnie (vocals, bodhrán).

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