How two buckets and two miles helped me see.

This weekend my daughter and I participated in a Walk for Water to raise money for the purchase of a well for a village in Africa. The walk wasn’t long, just two miles, but at the one mile mark we filled the buckets we had been carrying with water. Where the first mile was breezy and full of conversation, the second was marked by grunts and groans, spilled water and fatigued arms. It was just a small taste of what over a billion people have to do every day to have clean water.

The well will be purchased and installed through World Vision which shares these facts on the Water & Sanitation page of their website.

Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness.

When a community gains access to clean water, its child mortality rate drops by half.

In many regions, women and girls walk for hours every day to collect water that often isn’t even clean.

In partnership with other organizations, World Vision has plans to drill 825 deep wells in rural West Africa that will bring the gift of health and clean water to nearly 500,000 people over a six-year period.

The well we walked for will provide water for 100 villagers for their whole lives. The total cost will be $5,400. That’s just $54 per person. We spend that and then some on a mediocre dinner out. I’m not asking you to donate to the well I am working toward. All I’m asking is that you consider donating to World Vision’s quest to provide clean water to rural West Africa. This is their donation page specific to providing clean water.

Access to clean water is one of the most pressing problems our world faces. As the earth’s population grows demand for water increases but supply does not – at least not without our help.

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2 Responses to How two buckets and two miles helped me see.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks, Jen. It really was eye-opening. While one can know intellectually that carrying water will be difficult, until your own arms are screaming it is impossible to really know. And thanks for your donation. 🙂 We are half way to the $5,400.

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