Round or square?

World maintainers. World changers.

Round pegs and square pegs.

In the grand scheme, both are necessary. We need people, products and ideas that help us appreciate the path we are on and we need those that push us in a new direction. One is all about maintaining comfort, the other is about making discomfort the new comfort.

So when it comes to branding, the question is, “Do you have a round brand or a square brand?”

Round brands fit easily into an existing place in our heads. Square brands need a new place to fit that we might not even know exists – and those corners can hurt.

The answer is important because it determines your story – the “we’re like ______ but you’ll like us better,” story or the “we’re not like anything else but you need us,” story. Both are good stories with great potential, you just need to know which one you’re telling.

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