Does your brand pass the Twitter test?

All indications are that you could be losing control of your brand.

It’s quickly becoming the property of the marketplace. Conversations and connections are dictating preferences and driving many, if not all, aspects of the purchase decision.

In the classic game of telephone, a long message is confused while it is whispered from person to person until, when it is spoken by the last person in the line, the original meaning is unrecognizable. In the same way, a brand with a story that is not simple and easily transferable is at a distinct disadvantage. Intricacies, subtleties and intangibles are misstated or lost in the quick translations and gut responses that we are all using to deal with the quickening pace of life.

Simplicity and clarity increases the likelihood that your story will be told the way you want it told.

So here’s an easy way to check for story simplicity – the Twitter test.

Does your brand story fit into a Twitter post? How about if it is retweeted with hashtags added? With your URL?

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