Two micro sites try going social. One succeeds.

sitorsquat homepage

SitOrSquat hits the sweet spot.

This new micro site from Charmin is a great example of understanding what a brand is and what it can be. Charmin could have taken the easy way out and settled for a cute “viral” concept like this using their bear characters. However, rather than putting meaningless emphasis on the bears, they took the opportunity to extend their comfy bottom position with a community building site that adds more depth to the brand experience and real value for their customers.


The Guy’s Manual misses the mark.

This micro site from Grape-Nuts cereal,while nicely designed, is going places they just shouldn’t. Since when does a breakfast food have the expertise to give me public speaking tips? Grape-Nuts is a cereal. That’s it. I eat it almost everyday. I just want it to taste good. Don’t need entertainment, or advice, just something to fill my growling stomach. Trying to attract a younger male audience is understandable but humorous videos and off-the-cuff advice don’t fit this brand. Natural, authentic, good for the body. Sorry, that’s who you are Grape-Nuts and you should be true to yourself.

(On a positive note: Grape-Nuts over Shredded Wheat with walnuts sprinkled on top is heaven in a bowl.)

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