What are you striving for?

It’s hard to commit wholeheartedly to a new idea, to stand up and say count me in, to put yourself out on the line and try with all your heart to make something great. Why is it hard? Because you might fail.

It’s easy to stand in the back of the room and poke fun, to point out all the reasons it won’t work, to laugh at the enthusiasm of those who are trying. Why is it easy? Because you can’t fail.

Mediocre is easy.

Exceptional is hard. Exceptional is what the world needs. Go for exceptional.

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5 Responses to What are you striving for?

  1. pochp says:

    Right. Better is not better than best.

    • Bruce says:

      And that deep self preservation instinct yammers on and on in our ears telling us that better is OK – best is too risky.

      Thanks for your thoughts, pochp.

  2. Nikki says:

    So what happens when your “best” is someone else’s “better?” Have you essentially failed? Is there any point in going back to the drawing board to see if you could possibly squeeze out something “better than your best?” Just curious.

    • Bruce says:

      Hi Nikki,
      My original post is about being willing to be part of something big and risky. Not being afraid to commit because we might fail. The better/best thought, to me, is more about execution – the actual doing. A common trait of those who are considered to be “the best” in their particular pursuit are those who are never satisfied – never stop challenging themselves and those around them to be better today than they were yesterday. So yes, go back and do it again – don’t be satisfied.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. pochp says:

    One of the wisest question I read from a buddhist
    guru is:

    What are you not that you want TO BE?

    Notice that it isn’t:
    What don’t you possess that you want to possess?

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