Molecular Expressions Neckties – Opportunity hidden in plain sight

A friend recently told me about a collection of neckties made from the images of various substances – like vitamins and moonrocks – as seen through a microscope. I was intrigued. The ties, he tells me, are not available at department stores or through any catalog that he’s found. They are only available through Florida State University. You might be thinking that there must be a Seminole logo worked in there somewhere, but there isn’t.

The newest collection is called The Molecular Expressions Cocktail Collection. Understandably, they strictly control the publication of their images and patterns, so you will have to go to the site to see the ties. Here is a piece of how they describe them:

Cocktails. Tie one on. The startling clarity of your favorite cocktails, as visualized through the microscope, is revealed in the breathtaking patterns and unique designs found in the Molecular Expressions Cocktail Collection limited edition neckties.”

“The Cocktail Collection provides an education on drinking and driving while simultaneously enabling the conscientious consumer to “tie one on” safely before driving. Cocktail Collection neckties are made in the USA with 100 percent silk. In addition, all of the proceeds from necktie sales benefit scientific research and education at The Florida State University.”

But there is more here than a great new source for neckties.

The people behind this wonderful idea have taken something they know – microscopy – and found a way to use it to support something they love – scientific education and research. They have taken what is to them an everyday scientific endeavor and turned it on its head to arrive at a truly inspired commercial enterprise.

Opportunity can come from consciously looking for the exceptional hidden in the mundane.

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