An unexpected “thanks” can do a world of good for your brand

Who knows how the car company bailout will turnout, but Chrysler is taking it as an opportunity to help its image. This ad caught my attention (not many do), took me by surprise and, at least initially, made me feel better about the company.


“Thanks” is a word that is not heard enough in the brand world. Maybe it’s said at the holidays or after a purchase, but that’s like only seeing your relatives at funerals and weddings. Obligatory actions never feel as genuine as the unanticipated ones. Do roses on Valentine’s Day mean as much to the recipient as a bouquet of wildflowers on a Monday in the middle of winter? My wife would say no.

A real expression of appreciation is worth more to your brand image than a cheap tchotchke or a sweepstakes that only one person will win.

Of course, a “Sorry America” ad would have been nice too.

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