Is your brand getting the dates it deserves?

There was an interesting story on NPR tonight during the All Tech Considered segment regarding online dating. During the discussion with an online dating coach (evidently a growth industry) the coach mentioned that profiles need to be unique in order to stand out from the crowd. He made the point that (and I’m paraphrasing) using descriptions like “cute and fun-loving with a great smile” is a sure fire way to be passed over for someone with a better, more interesting and genuine story.

So how many times have you read a company web site that claims “our people are our most important asset” or “our experience sets us apart” or “our service makes the difference”. How many times do you think those companies have been passed over for a company with a better story and a more interesting way to tell it.

Be the organization that has taken the time to identify and elevate your unique, valuable, supportable point of difference and you will have a better chance at finding the dates you want – even in times when the dating pool seems to be shrinking before our eyes.

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