Sloganeering for Jesus

There’s a phenomenon among churches that I don’t understand – pithy statements on their front signs. What exactly is the intent here? To prove they can be clever? To confuse or enrage non church members so that they are compelled to enter the sanctuary searching for an answer or an argument? To make the pastors and the congregation feel like they are reaching out to the community?

I guess my question is this…who decided that the Bible needed copy writing help. Isn’t the message of the gospel, and the way it is told, good enough? Do these churches really think a catchy headline with some reference to current events is the best way to reach those who need the message most?

I don’t think so. The hallmark of all great marketing is simplicity of message. Adding anything to the Gospel’s message is adding complexity where none is needed.

My problem isn’t with the signs themselves. The concept is fine. The execution is the problem. My beef is with the slogan-esque style that most churches use. It demeans the message.

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