Thou shalt not commit (or be victim to) logical fallacies

Don’t be a victim of misleading arguments. Use this invaluable tool to decipher the garbage we hear every day from Washington D.C., talk show radio and other bastions of manipulative language. From the website

A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning. Logical fallacies are like tricks or illusions of thought, and they’re often very sneakily used by politicians and the media to fool people. Don’t be fooled! This website has been designed to help you identify and call out dodgy logic wherever it may raise its ugly, incoherent head.

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Rethinking Unpopular: Erika Napoletano at TEDxBoulder 2012

Ms. Napoletano delivers a wonderfully conceived and impassioned plea for knowing and owning who you are and who you are not. It’s been said before, but not with this much verve and sass!

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Suite for Solo Cello-Rushad Eggleston & more

I only knew Rushad’s playing through Crooked Still – but this solo piece is something else altogether.

And while I’m at it…more from Rashad and friends

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No, No, No, No, No, Yes: Gideon Amichay at TEDxJerusalem

In this video, the presenter, Gideon Amichay, asks, “What is your relationship with ‘no’?” For those involved in any kind of creative pursuit it is a constant struggle—how to relate to these two letters. So short with such far reaching impact.

Do you take it on the chin and stay down for the count? Or do you get back up swinging? This story will challenge you to reexamine how you hear ‘no’ and what you do in response.

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New Music: The Asberry Boys “Tender”

Love this song from The Asberry Boys of New Haven, CT – great groove, nice arrangement, tight harmonies – what more could you ask for. Buy it here.

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Justin Farren Live: Faith, Hope, Etc…

Just found this dude on SoundCloud. Lyrics and chops galore!

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Tedeschi & Trucks: Rollin’ and Tumblin’ – acoustic slide

Nobody can touch T&T.

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Josh Ritter at the Crystal Ballroom playing “Bonfire”

Thanks to OPBMusic for this video of Josh Ritter during sound check at the Crystal Ballroom playing Bonfire from his new album Beast In Its Tracks. Sounds great and looks fantastic – filmed in HD.

You can see the other three songs he did here and get a free download of “Hopeful.”

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Scott Ainslie plays cigar box guitar at the Ships of the Sea Museum

Blues Musician and Historian Scott Ainslie playing his “Didley-Bow” and a Museum model 3-string cigar box guitar. Great performance at 4:00 and more at 10:00 but the whole thing is worth watching for the incredible historical perspective.

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Cigar Box Guitar – Sun’s Gonna Shine Blues

Soulful little slide piece from daddystovepipe on a cigar box guitar. Think I’m going to look into making me one of these. What a great sound.

Free guitar lessons from daddystovepipe can be found on youtube here.

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